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There Goes Da Neighba'hood: A Black Devil Doll Sitcom!

In 2013 the creative bastards behind Black Devil Doll attempted to Indiegogo crowd fund an ambitious 6 Episode Black Devil Doll inspired sitcom called There Goes Da Neighba'hood. It was to be a "TV-style sitcom" starring The Black Devil Doll himself. Try to imagine The Jeffersons meets Alf on the set of Threes Company but of course with all the lewd craziness you'd expect from your favorite killer puppet. Yea these guys are fucking crazy...

Compared to the ultra no-budget Black Devil Doll film, There Goes Da Neighba'hood was a to be an expensive production with elaborate sets, a sound stage, professional actors, and 4K Red Cameras.  A minimum of $75,000 was required to shoot all 6 episodes proper on a sound stage in the San Francisco Bay Area. Unfortunately only $10,853 was raised on Indiegogo, only about 14% of the needed budget. A huge disappointment, but rather than be deterred from lack of funds and support the hard-headed crew decided to move forward with the There Goes Da Neighborhood sitcom anyway and try to raise the rest of the money on their own...

The crew hustled together an additional $25,000 after the crowd funding ended. Unfortunately it still wasn't quite enough to shoot this masterpiece on a soundstage, so a more economical Plan B was executed in its place. Plan B was renting a big house in Hercules California for 3 months to run and shoot the entire TGTN production. Every inch of the house was utilized, sets were built inside and out to create the twisted TGTN world. In addition to the house shoots there were several location shots in and around the Bay Area from Martinez and Antioch to San Francisco as well as a few shoots in Southern California. 

Over the past few years the majority of TGTN series was shot and is now in the can. The proposed 6 episode series is now about 80%-90% complete and is still being worked on every weekend until its completely wrapped. For fans that supported the Indiegogo campaign, yes it has been a long wait, but you need not worry. When the production is finally wrapped everyone will receive their DVD's and donation packages. Keep in mind 90% of the budget is coming out of our pockets so and its going to take time to finish this. When its done you will all be the first to know. Keep in mind when you shop on this site, part of that money goes to finishing the series. We appreciate the support, check out the STORE now! 

The goal is to release the first 2 Episodes of There Goes Da Neighba'hood on line for free and then put out a complete Blu Ray of the entire series with behind the scenes extras and commentary. Episode 1 is on line NOW and available to watch. Episode 2 will be coming very soon!

Watch There Goes Da Neighba'Hood Episode 1 NOW: 

Episode 1 is pretty goddamn awesome huh?! Definitely worth the wait. And just wait until you see the rest kids! To tide you over until Episode 2 is released please check out the three Indiegog Campaign videos below. Black Devil Doll fans will LOVE them, they are absolutely hilarious!

Black Devil Doll Sitcom: Campaign Video 1

Black Devil Doll Goes To The Bunny Ranch: Campaign Video 2

Kanye & Kim Kardashian's Baby Snatched: Campaign Video 3

There Goes Da Neighba'hood Episode 2 is coming soon, stay tuned...

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